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Welcom to the world of dyestuff
A virtual encyclopedia, giving amazing and exhaustive information about the entire gamut of dyes and pigments. You will find comprehensive information about the various types of dyes, pigments, dyeing processes and a host of important things about dyestuff.


Dyes are the amazing colouring material that add colours to a variety of items. Commercial dyes are today available in different colours and forms. This section gives an insight into the world of dyes.

Pigments offer a broad range of colors that meets your coloring needs for a variety of applications.

Types of Pigments

Application of Dyes and Pigments
Cement Industry
Colorants for Plastic Industry
Dyes & Pigments in Construction Industry
Colourants for Agriculture Industry
Colourants for Cosmetics Industry
Colourants for Printing Inks
Dyes in Heat Transfer Printing
Colourants for Security Printing
Dyes for Packaging Sector
Dyes in Concrete Industry
Pigments in Paints Industry
Dyes in Medicine
Paper Industry
Rubber Industry
Wire and Cable Industry
Woodworking Industry

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