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Airflow Dyeing Machine
This is another development of the very popular jet dyeing machines. The main difference between the Air Flow Machine and Jet Dyeing machine is that the airflow machine utilizes an air jet instead of the water jet for keeping the fabric in circulation. Typically the fabric is allowed to pass into the storage area that has a very small amount of free liquor. This results in a reduction in consumption of water, energy and chemicals.

The figure below shows how in an Airflow Machine the bath level is always under the level of the processed textile. Here the fabric does not remain in touch with the liquor (the bath used is below the basket that holds the fabric in circulation). This invariably means that the bath conditions can be altered without having any impact on the process phase of the substrate.

Airflow Dyeing Machine

Advantages of Airflow Machine

  • Completely Separated circuit for liquor circulation without getting in touch with the textile
  • Bath less Dyeing operation
  • Rinsing process offers all the added benefits of continuous processing as it is no longer a batch operation
  • Extremely low liquor ratio
  • Virtually non stop process
  • Comparatively lesser energy requirement due to faster heating/cooling and optimum heat recovery from the hot exhausted dye liquors
  • Reduction in consumption of the chemicals (e.g. salt) dosage of which is based on the amount of dye bath
  • Lesser water consumption savings up to 50% from the conventional Jet dyeing machines
  • Sensitivity towards ecology
  • Economical operation
  • More safety while dyeing

Unique Water Saving Capacity of Air flow Machine

Water remains a perpetual challenge for the world as the most precious resource and textile dyeing processes are notorious for consuming galons of water. The latest technology of Airflow Machine surely takes care of such problem.

Airflow dyeing machine can operate at a liquor ratio that is even below 1:5 while a conventional hydraulic dyeing system generally operates with a liquor ratio of about 1:10. It is worthwhile to know that exchanging the liquor ratio of 1:10 from a single 300 kg dye lot to ratio of 1:5, can result in water savings corresponding to an average monthly water consumption of one person in a big country like Germany.


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