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Automatic Dissolving System
Automatic powder dissolver perfectly complements a dispensing unit. It is a flexible unit devised for quickly dissolving dyestuff and chemicals. They are generally equipped with a handling robots to ensure total safety. It allows automatic preparation of product batches and consequently automatic transfer to the dyehouse. To cater to small, middle or big additions, vessels with different volume are made available. This checks process time and water quantity required for rinsing. Operations like dissolving parameters - temperature, dissolving time, solubility etc. are not controlled manually instead set and controlled by a sophisticated control unit. Information is given to operation staff about the tasks that needs to be done through a screen display. The sequencing of tasks that needs to be carried out is sorted strictly according to priorities.

Automatic Dissolving SystemAutomatic Dissolving SystemAutomatic Dissolving System

A standard Automatic Dissolving Station has separate preparation tanks and includes the following accessories:
  • Single transport and mixing pump for a tank
  • Continuous level reader
  • Temperature controller
  • Capacity of heating with direct steam
  • Water feeds
  • A Cleaning device
  • Lid
  • PLC control
Key Features of Automatic Dissolving Station
  • Dissolving device - User friendly dissolving of dyestuff and powdered products that is free of any agglomerates.
  • Dissolving parameters for temperature, quantity of water and type are set automatically.
  • Parallel processing of more than one request possible.
  • Expandable designs available owing to modular structures.
  • Explicitly arranged indication of the switched valves, level reading and other system parameters.


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