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Dyeing Machineries
Beam Dyeing Machine
The beam dyeing machine operates with the same principle as that of package dyeing machine. It can be effectively used to dye yarn or fabric. The process works like this, fabric or yarn in open width is rolled on to a perforated beam. The beam then subsequently slid into a vessel that is closed and pressurized. The colour impregnates the fabric as the dye liquor is allowed to go on circulating through the perforations in the beam. Usually the beam machines are designed in such a manner so as to hold a single beam or multiple beams in a batch.

Beam Dyeing Machine

Features of Beam dyeing Machine

  • Able to adjust water level in accordance to fabric volume.
  • Even dyeing and superior dyeing quality.
  • Optimized circulation system along with high performance pumps.
Advantages of a Beam Dyeing Machine

  • The fabric is put under controlled tension, and is wound on to a perforated beam. This results in elimination of creases from the fabric. It also ensures total control of dimensions of the roll of fabric.

  • The fabric is not allowed to do any movement during the process of dyeing. This actually means that there is no application of mechanical action on to the fabric. As shown in the figure, there is no movement of the fabric as the hydrostatic pressure of the pump forces the dye liquor through the fabric roll.
Advantages of Beam Dyeing MachineAdvantages of Beam Dyeing Machine

Beam Dyeing Machine

Beam Dyeing MachineTechnical Specification of the featured model
Loading Cap: 100 kg
Electric wattage: 22Kw
Maximum Operating Pressure: 5kgf/cm2g
Maximum Operating Temperature: 158°C


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