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Colour Kitchen Manager
Colour kitchen system is essentially a modular system. The automation of color kitchen obviously result in a better control of the processes. The colour kitchen considerably reduces the number of dye additions and the levels of reprocessing. The "right-first-time ratio" shows a good precentage by jumping from 50 to around 85 percent. This effectively translates into average savings of 5-10 percent in energy and water use. Also a reduction in the consumption of dyestuff and chemicals to around 10-20 percent is made with an efficient colour kitchen.

Color Kitchen ManagerColor Kitchen

Managing through the Color Kitchen Manager gives certain benefits that are quite unique to it. For example it is able to provide an exactlyand smooth dosed supply of the machines at the right moment. This checks the inaccuracies associated with dosing manually. Manual dosing has been seeen to lead to problems like off-shade dyeings and insufficient reproducibility. Apart from that, the concept of unique closed pipe system helps to prevent the hazards, that can occur to workers and to the environment generally associated with dangerous substances.

Primarily, the colour kitchen manager, the CHD chemical and auxiliary dispensing unit provides a very compact and integrated system for process-controlled measurement and distribution. This is applicable for all liquid auxiliaries. The next expansion stage comprises supply of dyestuff through a system of parallel pipes. The dyestuffs that is supplied into the distributing system is passed through a double systems approach. They are a recipe-controlled weighing station and the automatic dissolving station.

Features of Colour Kitchen Manager
  • There is system for automatic dissolving and transportation of dyestuffs, auxiliaries and pulverized chemicals.
  • System for weighing along with acquisition of chemicals and dyestuffs.
  • Provision for central request management that is transparent and properly arranged indication of the status of request.
  • Process of optimization of all requests strictly in accordance with request times and priorities.
  • Proper recording of the genuine product values that is done through a chemical dispensing unit and scale.
  • Redundant flowmeters has the system to record the processes of dosing and rinsing.


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