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DPP Pigments
DPP Pigments were invented in the early 1980's. Although, these pigments are small, but these pigments are considered as very important group of synthetic pigments. The intense Light fastness property was gradually developed in these pigments synthetically. The types of currently present DPP Pigments are:
  • Shade Orange category
  • Scarlet category
  • Red category
  • Carmine category
Hybrid pigments are also a type of DPP Pigments. These pigments are produced by crystallizing Pyrroles with Quinacridones.

Structure of DPP Pigments

DPP Pigments

Pyrroles have also been crystallized with quinacridones to produce hybrid pigments (PR N/A). The differences in colors in different kinds of DPP Pigments are due to the differences in the atom hanging symmetrically on the both hands of the molecules.

Properties of DPP Pigments

Coloristic Properties
These pigments are extremely pure and have a nice shade. The color strength of these pigments are also very good. There is a wide range of color shade and opacity.

Resistance properties
The DPP Pigments show very high resistance against heat, light and any type of change in position of atoms within a molecule of these pigments fastness. These pigments have also excellent resistant power against weather. These pigments are very much heat stable and have high color strength and saturation.

Application of DPP Pigments

DPP Pigments have a wide range of applications. This is because of the large range of available colors of these pigments. The large range of colors are possible due to the simple selection of different constituents on the phenyl rings. Through derivatisation methods, these pigments can be converted into soluble form. Thus, these pigments can be applied in the soluble form. Then, the derivatizing group is removed from the soluble from of these pigments. After removing the derivatizing group from the solution, the desired pigments are left there. This method increases the applicability of these DPP Pigments. DPP Pigments are high performance pigments. These are mostly used for highest quality automotive coating.


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