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Application of Dyes and Pigments
Dyes & Pigments in Construction Industry
The construction industry as a whole includes the following segments:
  • Construction of buildings for either residential purpose or commercial purpose or industrial purpose or as an integrated form.
  • Heavy and civil engineering construction. It includes sewers, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels etc.
  • Specialized constructions like carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical works.
But, here we will know about the use of color pigments in the construction industry as a whole. The different applications of pigments in the construction industry are as follows:

Cool Roofing

Greater the solar radiation, higher will be the heat absorption by the roofs of the houses. To dissipate the heat, 'Cool Coating' technology has been invented. This new technology focuses on reflecting solar radiation. If traditional pigment colors are used for coating, the roof will absorb infrared radiation. Therefore, a new type of pigments has been taken for this purpose. These pigments are called as Cool Pigments. The advantage of these pigments over the traditional pigments is that they absorb less infrared rays from the sun.


For coating purpose, two types of pigments are used. They are Organic pigments and Inorganic pigments. Organic pigments gives various bright colors, but, these colors are not very lightfast and opaque as compare to inorganic pigments. Inorganic pigments are used for those applications where color warranty should be there against sunlight and other natural elements. For metal roofing, a special type of pigments are used, which is called as 'Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments'.

Paint Analysis

Painting or Paint Analysis is a very common maintenance project in all building, including commercial. Residential and production purposes. By applying a new coat of paint on the walls of the building, can change the appearance of the entire building. It also brings a new touch of fashion in this regards. Thorough analysis of paint can give the knowledge about the composition of various pigments which are used in the paint.

Increasing The Durability of Buildings

Most new technological paints are moisture aversive in nature. Some improved technological pigments are used in these types of paints. When these paints are used on the wall, then these paints prevent moisture from entering the walls.

Safety Passage

In the recent years, people are most concerning about the safety in the public buildings and at workplaces. Some incidents in the underground railway stations and crowded public places, has drawn out attention towards the various safety measures. For this purpose, some safety-way guidance systems have been brought into existence. In these systems, some glowing pigments like phosphorescent pigments are used. Under darkness, due to power failure, these materials in the system start to glow brightly. This thing helps the people to find out their rescue way. Generally, these systems are fitted in the safety passages, public buildings, factories, stations & tunnels, ships etc.

Wood Conservation

Wooden materials are frequently used in all kind of construction works, right from houses to factories, from bridges to railways. But, unfortunately, we don't give reasonable care on the preservation of these wooden materials. So, it will be better for all of us if we conserve the wooden materials instead of their replacement. To conserve these wooden materials, various coating and painting methods have been developed. In each kind of coating and painting methods, some specific kinds of pigments are used.

Concrete Coloring

Before the placement of the concrete, pigments are mixed with it to create color. This is the most common method of concrete colorizing. The quantity in which the pigments are mixed and the proportion of their mixing can be altered. By altering these proportion and quantity, the color varieties can be brought in the concretes.

Cooler Tiles, Metal Panels, and Shingles

Pigments are used in various commonly used house-roofing products. These pigments are used in tiles, metals, panels and shingles. Various cool pigments are used today for coating concrete, clay tiles and metal panels.

Coloring of Construction Materials & Pigments

Up to a certain extent, what will be the quality of the end products of various constructions, depends upon the choice of the pigments. After years of observation and testing of colored concretes in different sites, it can be said that inorganic oxide pigments have a high degree of fastness properties.

Colored Asphalt

Colored asphalt is used in the traffic direction, for sporting facilities, in gardens, at school yards and squares. Now, it should have different attractive colors for different uses. The color fastness and durability will depend upon the pigments and the proportion in which they are combined with each other.


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