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Fluorescent Pigments
Daylight Flourescent Pigments
The foundation blocks of all kind of fluorescent materials are the Fluorescent Pigments. The same rules are applied on the Phosphorescent Pigments as well as on the Fluorescence Pigments. To make any fluorescence material, just we have to add the pigments of the fluorescence pigments. The intensity of the luminescence will increase along with the improvised quantity of fluorescent pigments. But there is a limit and this limit is up to the saturation point.

Application of fluorescent pigments

The sizes of these pigments are very even and possess a bright color. These pigments can be utilize in mild solvent systems as well as in water based system. For this specialty, these particles are used in the following fields:
  • Textile field
  • Solvent based paper coating field
  • Solvent based silk screen ink
  • Paints and aerosol coating
  • Water base paper coating
  • Crying manufacturing
Characteristics of fluorescent pigments

These pigments have the capability to change the ultraviolet light into colors. Due to this features, the end result becomes very high standard of light reflectance. Due to this feature, very standard quality of color shades are received by using these pigments. There is a close relationship between these fluorescence pigments and the optical brighteners.

By changing the composition of the coating of the fluorescent pigments, the expected application can be determined along with their suitability. That is why, within one outlet, these pigments particulate many colorants.

Advantage of fluorescent pigments

The spell-bounding appeal of the colorant effect of the fluorescence pigments, is the main advantage.

Disadvantage of fluorescent pigments

These pigments have poor light fastness property. Even the pigments are broken down in the sunlight that causes the consequent effect of losing the color, brightness and the strength.


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