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Fuel dyes are the dyes that are added to the fuels. In some nations specially European it is mandatory to dye a low-tax fuel. This helps in checking its use in applications that are intended for higher-taxed ones. While the untaxed fuels are known as "dyed", those that are taxed are typically referred as "clear".

To give an example, in U.K. the "red diesel", gas oil applied for heating purposes is inexpensive than the heavier-taxed diesel fuel, but it has a different fraction, and comes with more sulphur content. Therefore using it in diesel engines is a damaging proposition both environmentally and financially, as less money to the tax collectors. That is the reason authorities want to deter it at any cost and addition of Fuel dye is one of the methods to stop such malpractice.

Obviously, the dyes that are used must be soluble in hydrocarbon-based nonpolar solvents i.e. effectively a solvent dye. A popular variety is the red dye, a variety of diazo dyes. Types of red dyes include Solvent Red 19, Solvent Red 24, etc. While Anthraquinone dyes are used to give green and blue shades, it includes Solvent Green 33, Solvent Blue 35 and lastly Solvent Blue 26.

It might be important here to note that due to technological requirements, it is beneficial to mix a liquid with a liquid instead of a powder dye.

Here is a list of countries where Fuel Dyes are needed.

Country Fuel Dye
Austria Heating oil any red dye
France Gas oil Solvent Red 24
France Marine diesel Solvent Blue 35
Estonia Heating oil Automate Red NR or similar + Solvent Yellow 124
Estonia Agricultural diesel Automate Blue 8 GHF or similar + Solvent Yellow 124
Germany Heating oil Solvent Red 19 and similar
Greece Heating oil Any red dye
Greece Marine diesel Any black dye
Ireland Gas oil Solvent Blue 79
Ireland Kerosene Solvent Red 19 and similar
Italy Heating oil Solvent Red 161
Italy Gas oil Solvent Green 33
Portugal Agricultural diesel Solvent Blue 35
Portugal Heating oil Solvent Red 19 and similar
Spain Agricultural diesel Any red dye
Spain Heating oil Any blue dye
Sweden Heating oil Solvent Blue 35, Solvent Blue 79, Solvent Blue 98
United Kingdom Gas oil ("Red Diesel") Solvent Red 24, quinizarin
United Kingdom Rebated kerosene Coumarin
European Union many rebated Solvent Yellow 124 ("Euromarker")
USA low-tax fuels, high-sulfur fuels Solvent Red 26, Solvent Red 164
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