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Dyeing Machineries
Hank Dyeing Machine
Hank dyeing machine are mostly used for dyeing of patterned wool carpets. There are mainly four types of Hank Dyeing machines used. They are the following, single stick Hussong-Type Machines the double-stick machine, double-stick cabinet machine, and lastly circular carrier machine. Out of this four, the first category of Hussong-Type Machines are the most popular one. The diagram is illustrated below.

Hank Dyeing MachineHank Dyeing Machine

In the Hussong type machines hanks needs to be hung on removable sticks, from the underside of the dyeing vessel lid. The lid is then vertically lowered onto the dyeing vessel. The dyeing vessel consists of a simple box that has a perforated false bottom. A reversible impeller, that is placed vertically in a weir chamber at one corner of the machine is used for circulating liquour. Heat is generated by closed steam coils located beneath the false bottom. While on the smaller machines heat is generated by live steam injection.

Features of Hank Dyeing Machine
Features of Hank Dyeing Machine
  • Temperature control is done by electro-mechanical or programmable logic controllers.
  • Machine capacities can range from 10 kg sample machines -1 ton machines.
  • Yarn loads up to 4000 kg can be dyed by coupling together of machines.
  • Typical liquor ratios are 1:15 to 1:25.


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