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It was found that in using Winch machines, there were some inherent problems. So the Jet dyeing machines when they came up in the 1970's, were specifically designed to overcome those shortcomings.

In the Jet dyeing machine the reel is completely eliminated. A closed tubular system exists where the fabric is placed. For transporting the fabric through the tube a jet of dye liquor is supplied through a venturi. The Jet creates turbulence. This helps in dye penetration along with preventing the fabric from touching the walls of the tube. As the fabric is often exposed to comparatively higher concentrations of liquor within the transport tube, so little dye bath is needed in the bottom of the vessel. This is just enough for the smooth movement from rear to front. Aqueous jet dyeing machines generally employs a driven winch reel along with a jet nozzle.

The following diagram explains the functioning of a Jet dyeing machine:

Jet Dyeing Machine
Jet Dyeing Machine

Types of Jet Dyeing Machine

In deciding the type of dyeing machine the following features are generally taken into consideration for differentiating. They are the following. Shape of the area where the fabric is stored i.e. long shaped machine or J-box compact machine. Type of the nozzle along with its specific positioning i.e. above or below the bath level. Depending more or less in this criteria for differentiation following types of Jet Machines can be said to be as developments of the conventional jet dyeing machine.

Advantages of Jet Dyeing Machine

The Jet Dyeing Machine offers the following striking advantages that makes them suitable for fabrics like polyesters.
  • Low consumption of water
  • Short dyeing time
  • Can be easily operated at high temperatures and pressure
  • Comparatively low liquor ratios, typically ranges between 1:4 and 1:20
  • Fabrics are handled carefully and gently


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