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Dyeing Machineries
Dyeing Machinery
As we will agree that a life without color is like a life bereft of soul. In every sphere of industrial activity the color is needed. Dyeing machine is the device that is used by different industries for imparting colors. From paper to plastic to textiles everywhere there is use of Dyeing Machineries. According to the need of each type of substrate, different set of machines are put to use. The applications of these machineries give an impetus to the products related to dyeing. However, rising energy prices is having a knock-on effect on manufacturing expenditure for dyeing machinery. Therefore, there will be greater interest globally in machineries that has a lower energy consumption along with heat recovery systems that is able to preheat the incoming cold feed water.

As the needs of customers are changing, for satisfying them different types of dyeing machines are manufactured.

The basic aim of dyeing is achieving a level dyeing that is of correct shade. The Dyeing machine helps to achieve these aims by:-
  • Providing correct and effective dye liquor interchange for the goods.
  • Monitoring and effective control of rate of temperature rise, and holding on at the set dyeing temperature.
  • Checking of the dyestuff and chemical additives to the dye bath.
Some of the popular categories of dyeing machines are those used for textile dyeing, leather dyeing and for a variety of other industries that includes paints printing inks etc.

Textile Dyeing Machineries

In the textile industry a variety of dyeing machines are used for dyeing. Some of these machines with minor operational modifications can easily accommodate new types of dyes and take advantage of the latest advances made in the dyeing equipment technology.

Types of Textile Dyeing Machineries:
There is no dirth in the type of Textile dyeing machineries that are available these days to a modern dyeing house. Most of these machineries utilize latest advancement in the dyeing technology to give high capacity dyeing along with uniformity and smooth finishes. For our convenience we have enumerated below some of the popular categories of dyeing machines although no claim is made here that this list is fully exhaustive.
Classification of Textile Dyeing Machines
For a broader understanding, of the dyeing machines, the Dyeing machines are classified into two types: Rope Dyeing Machine and Open Width dyeing Machine. The selection process of the dyeing machines i.e. whether to opt for rope or open-width is totally dependent on the ability of the fabric to withstand the mechanical demands that is involved in the two processes. The following table gives a brief comparison of the two methods. Both the type of machine are equally popular. Popular varieties of rope dyeing machines are jets, and becks, while the popular varieties of open-width dyeing machines are beams, followed by jigs and pad-batch.

Rope Dyeing Machines

  • In the case of rope dyeing machines, the fabric gets transported via the machine in a loosely collapsed form that looks like a rope.
  • Rope dyeing has the tendency for abrasion of fabrics and result in permanent, cracks, creases and streaks.

Open width Dyeing Machine

  • In the case of open width dyeing machine, the fabric gets maintained at all times in a flat and open condition.
  • As Open-width dyeing works by applying tension to fabrics and this has the potential to form edge marks along with creases in tubular knit goods.

The main types of fabric dyeing machines are classified as under:

Machine Configuration
Beam Open
Beck Rope
Continuous Open
Jig Open
Jet Rope
Pad-batch Open

Dyeing Machinery of Leather

Dyeing machinery of leather is now available in various models that utilize the latest technological advances and widely used in the leather industry. Given below is details of a few leather dyeing machines.

Leather Dyeing Machine

Technical specification of the featured model:

Drum Diameter 300mm
Sample Size approx 0.5m2
Drum Rotations 12, 24, 48 rpm
Temperature Range 20 - 80°C
Space Requirements 185 x 67cm (approx)

Belt Dyeing Machine

The model featured here is a belt dyeing machine that has an unique working system. It has a working table that is horizontally positioned. It is particularly suitable for dye belts and folded edges for luggage and also for leather goods in general (width comes in typically in the range from 10 mm to 60mm). It also is capable of pre-dyeing of the belt tip. Addition of double transport system, upper and lower gives it the ability to dye small and short pieces as well as non-rigid items.

Belt Dyeing Machine

Technical specification of the featured model:

Height 43 cm
Width 65 cm
Depth 37 cm


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