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Overflows Dyeing Machines are designed for use in delicate knitted and woven fabrics that are made up of natural as well as synthetic fibers. They are also extensively used in the production of carpets. The main difference between jet and overflows machines is that in jet machines the fabric gets transported by a bath that flows at high speed through the nozzle, while in Overflow Dyeing Machine it is the gravitational force of the liquor overflow that is responsible for fabric transportation.

Over Flow Dyeing Machine
Overflow Dyeing Machine

Functioning of a Overflow Dyeing Machine

A typical Overflow Dyeing Machine works like this. A winch that is not motor driven usually is located in the top side of the machine where the fabric is hanged. A longer length of textile is made to hang from the exit side of the winch as compared to the inlet side. By applying the force of gravitation the longer length of textile is pulled downward more strongly than the shorter one. Consequently the fabric is soaked in the bath without any sort of tension. The following diagram well illustrates the working process.

Function of overflow dyeing machine

Advantages of Overflow Dyeing Machine

  • No evaporative losses- As the dyeing vessel is closed, there is no evaporative losses stemming from the dyebath. Further, depending on the situation the temperature may be raised to more than 1000oC.

  • No build up of steam condensate in the dyebath- The latest technology implies that the dyebath gets heated by a heat transducer which is steam driven. This technology apart from being very efficient ensures that there is no build up of steam condensate in the dyebath.

  • Low liquor ratios- Dyeing is conducted at relatively low liquor ratios, e.g. 10:1 and may be lesser resulting in substantial savings in water and energy.

  • Excellent dye liquor contact- Excellent dye liquor contact with the fabric rope results in better and more improved level dyeings.

  • Computer control- The machines are operated by computer and hence, operator error is eliminated.


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