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Dyeing Machineries
Paddle Dyeing Machine
Paddle dyeing machines are generally used to dye many forms of textiles but the method best suits to dye garments. Heat is generated through steam injection directly into the dyebath. The machine works like this, the paddle circulates both the bath and garments in a perforated central island. It is here only that the chemicals, water and steam for heat are added. The overhead paddle machine is nothing but a vat with a paddle that has blades of full width. The blades generally takes a dip of few centimeters into the vat. This action stirs the bath and pushes the garments down, thus keeping them totally submerged in the dye liquor. The process steps are:

Paddle Dyeing MachinePaddle Dyeing MachinePaddle Dyeing Machine
  • Chemical mixing
  • Load preparation
  • Pre-dyeing treatments
  • Dyeing cycle
  • Post-dyeing treatments
  • Rinsing
  • Unloading
  • Liquor discharge
  • Disposal
Advantages of Paddle Dyeing Machine

Paddle Dyeing Machine
  • Steam heated
  • Very efficient Liquor Flow
  • No harm to garments Structure
  • An uniform Patchless Dyeing
  • Low liquor ratio
  • Rapid heating and cooling
  • Quick drop and fill
Application of Paddle Dyeing Machine

Paddle dyeing machine offers itself as a suitable dyeing platform for all the types of piece goods. This typically includes rugs, socks, bed spreads, and other types of garments and fabrics.


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