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Pearlescent Pigments

Do you Know the relation between

............ Shine Vs Size ........
Many products of different sizes and colors can be prepared by using Pearlescent Pigments. The shine of these pigments in these products depend upon the size of these products. Larger, the size is, more will be the shine.
Pearlescent Pigments belong to the same group of fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments. Pearlescent pigments are special kind of pigments. These pigments are also known as Pearl Pigments. The name Pearl has given to these pigments because they possess pearl like shine, when these pigments are covered with any metallic oxide out of mica slice. These pigments have high transparent appearance, more smoother plane and higher refractive co-efficient than other common pigments. These pigments simply look like flat powder.

Characteristics of Pearlescent Pigments
  • Have high acid resistance capacity.
  • Have high alkali resistance capacity.
  • Can bear temperature up to 800 degree C.
  • No spontaneous combustion nor support the combustion.
  • Bad conductor of electricity.
  • Have good light stability.
  • Some products of these pigments can have the ability to resist the ultra-violet radiation.
  • Not harmful for human beings as these are used to pack materials of food.
Shinning intensity of Pearlescent Pigments

"Multiple Reflection" process is used to produce pearl like shine in these pigments. Based on this method, Pearlescent pigments are mixed with greater transparent materials. Sometimes, to get suitable light in the materials, these pigments are mixed with transparent pigment or dye. Pearlescent pigments should not be mixed with opaque objects or with such pigments those have better coverage, because these pigments will affect the pearl shine. By adding few carbon black powder (say 0.01%), the shinning effect of these pigments can be increased.

Application of Pearlescent Pigments

The chemical, mechanical and thermal properties of pearlescent pigments are excellent. Due to these excellent properties, today, pearlescent pigments have universal applications. The products get a new color quality through these pigments. These pigments are completely safe for eatable purpose, hence, these are used for food packing purpose. In toy industries also, these pigments are used. These pigments are insoluble in water and commonly don't contain any heavy metals. Therefore, these are considered as environment friendly. In manufacturing of transparent as well as semi-transparent plastic products, these pigments are used. The Pearlescent pigments are also used in coating industries in a large extent. Any kind of monochromatic coating mixing is used with these pigments and pearl light coating is produced. These pigments are also used in printing industry. Printing-ink having of different color and luster are manufactured with these pigments.


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