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Quinacridone Pigments
Quinacridone pigments comprise an important class of organic pigments. Its linear form is particularly important for exploiting it commercially. Quinacridone pigments are very novel pigments that have many diverse applications. Quinacridone pigments generally produce seven types of bright and intense colors. These colors range from deep yellow to even vibrant violet. The following is the chemical structure of Quinacridone pigments.

Features of Quinacridone Pigments

Following are the important features of Quinacridone pigments
  • Outstanding light fastness
  • Excellent bleed and heat resistance
  • Bright and vibrant tones
  • Very good tinting value along with working properties
  • High transparencies
Application of Quinacridone Pigments

Quinacridone Pigments are commercially very successful their unique features as discussed above makes them suitable candates for a large number of operations. They are used in ink industries, coatings, plastics, textiles to even in paintings.

The family of Quinacridone Pigments

Colour Index Name Colour Index No. CAS NO. Chemical Family
Pigment Red 122 CI 73915 980-26-7 2,9 Dimethyl Quinacridone
Pigment Violet 19 CI 73900 1047-16-1 Quinacridone
Pigment Red 202 CI 73907 3089-17-6 2,9 Dichloroquinacridone
Pigment Red 209 CI 73905 3089-17-6 1,8 Chloro quinacridone

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