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Dyeing Machineries
Sample Dyeing Machine
Sample Dyeing MachineAs the name suggests these machines are made available as sample to the buyer's needs. These machines are quite popular in the industry. It is successfully applied for dyeing of various types. For example it is used for the atmospheric dyeing of substrates like fabrics, fibers, yarns at heightened liquor ratios either for development or for simulating bulk processing. Some of the types of sample dyeing machine are discussed here in this pages.

The Sample Dyeing Machine that is highlighted here comes with some unique features, that includes:
  • Latest technology that uses around 16 high temperature glass dye tubes that are interchangeable.
  • Capacity ranges from 200cc - 2000cc.
  • Sample holders for fibers, yarns or fabrics are made of stainless steel.
  • Electronic temperature controller that is digital controlled.
  • Double Speed agitation.
The model featured here is known as the infrared sample dyeing machine
Model featuredSome of the very striking features of this model are given here:
  • State-of-the-art unique touch screen control.
  • Easy availability of single, double or even triple bath versions.
  • Data interpretation can be done graphically.
  • Fully self-functional dye bath.
  • Wide range of beaker option.

The next model featured here is the Laboratory dyeing machine
Features of this model are: Laboratory Dyeing Machine
  • Infinitely variable stroke speed of the machine.
  • Unique cooling coil.
  • Upto 16 dyeing positions.
  • Option of tubes in stainless steel or glass.

This is a very Ubiquitous Jet Sample Dyeing Machine. Features of the model that is shown above include:
  • Operation made easy by using a touch screen.
  • CPU facilitated fully digitalized functions. Ubiquitous Jet Sample Dyeing Machine
  • Fabric circulation speed is controlled easily.
  • Proper display of setting and current temperature.
  • Comes with an unique Alarm system to sort out easily any mechanical problem.


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