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In the soft flow dyeing machine water is used for keeping the fabric in circulation. The conceptional difference of this equipment from a conventional jets that operates with a hydraulic system is that the fabric rope is kept circulating during the whole processing cycle (right from loading to unloading). There is no stopping of liquor or fabric circulation for usual drain and fill steps.

The principle working behind the technique is very unique. There is a system for fresh water to enter the vessel via a heat exchanger to a special interchange zone. At the same time the contaminated liquor is allowed channel out through a drain without any sort of contact with the fabric or for that matter the new bath in the machine.

Key Features of Soft flow Dyeing Machine

  • Significant savings in processing time.
  • Savings in water that is around 50%.
  • Excellent separation of different streams results in optimum heat recovery and a distinct possibility of further use or a dedicated treatment.
Types of Soft Flow Dyeing Machine

A few of the commercially popular brands along with their particular technical specifications are discussed here. The categories are not exhaustive as such.

Multi-Nozzle Soft FlowMulti Nozzle Softflow Dyeing Machine
Technical features:
  • Very low Liquor ratio - around 1:1 (Wet Fabric)
  • Can reach high temp. up to 140°C
  • Easily dye 30 to 450 g/mt.sq. of fabrics (woven & knitted fabrics)
  • Number of very soft-flow nozzles
  • No pilling effect
  • Wide capacity

Multi Nozzle Soft FlowMulti Nozzle Soft Flow

High Temperature High Pressure Softflow Dyeing Machine
Technical features:
  • Compact body made of stainless steel.
  • High efficiency heat exchanger for quick heating/cooling.
  • Compact body made of stainless steel.
  • Heating rate - around 4°C/Min upto 900°C - around 3°C/Min upto 135°C At steam pressure of 6 Bar.
  • Cooling Rate- around 4°C/ Min At water pressure of 4 Bar and 15°C.
  • Maximum working temp is 135°C.
  • Maximum working pressure of 3.2 Bar.
  • Control manual as well as automatic.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel pump.
High Temperature High Pressure


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