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Sulphur Dyes are mainly used for dyeing cellulose fibers. Apart the cellulose fibers, these can be also used for dyeing staple fibers and yarn.

Characteristics of Sulphur Dyes

The main characteristics of Sulphur Dyes are these have lustrous grains, make a complete black shade having a slight reddish or greenish impact. These dyes are used for jigger, cotton and viscose rayon.

Application of Sulphur Dyes

These Dyes are used for Jigger, Winch and for package dyeing of Cotton and Viscose-rayon. These dyes are economically beneficial if used for continuous basic.

General Properties of Sulphur Dyes

From the name it is clear that these dyes contain little amount of sulphuric acid. The fibers those can be dyed by these dyes are Viscous, Staple fibers, Yarn, any materials which give a resin finish, silk etc.
  • These dyes have an excellent light fastness properties.
  • Dyeing temperature: 80-95 degree C (Optimum) but sometimes at cold temperature also.
  • It is a good soluble in Na2S.
  • It has a good exhaustion.
  • Its dyeing rate is moderate.
  • It is a soluble in water.
  • Make rapid black on cellulose materials.
  • Sometimes create direct prints on cellulose.
Application Method of Sulphur Dyes

Where boil fastness is not very important but a good wash is important of dull brown, khaki color clothes, sulphur Dyes are used. The most friendly sulphur dye among all the members of the sulphur acid dyes family sulphur Black. It shows affinity for linen and jute fibers. It works excellent with the black color and gives excellent color and light fastness.

Sulphide Dyes are dyes from a dye bath containing common salts and Sodium Sulphide. This mixture is oxidized with some oxidizing agents in a fresh bath. The oxidizing agents are Sodium bichromate and Hydrogen Peroxide.


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