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Weighing Station
Typically a weighing station for dyestuff and chemicals typically works like this. The production recipe to begin with, is displayed in the PC at the weighing station. Scales of various dimensions are generally connected to the system. Weighing tolerance for all the products are pre defined. There is a facility for the users to weigh the correct products within the defined tolerances. Weighing protocols can also be printed. Weighments get registered to the batch, and updated automatically, without effort in the products inventory. A scanner is there to help in the right selection of the products. A weighing station used for weighing of dyes, usually consists of the following:
  • An input terminal
  • Two scales
  • Around five dissolving tanks for dyes
  • Agitators
The following flowchart depicts a dyestuff/chemical automatic weighing system.

Flow ChartFlow ChartFlow Chart

Features of a Weighing Station
  • Comes with a parallel weighing system.
  • Fully integrated to the Dyehouse network System.
  • Total Integration of scanner and printer.
  • Virtually eliminates the chances of human error and mistake.
  • Gives inventory report (Weighing room)
  • Flexibility in tolerance setting.
  • Provision for Dyestuff position indicator.
  • Simplified arrangment of operator guidance during weighing.


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